The Community Vision Plan is a planning and design process to establish a shared vision of what the future of Hartville and Lake Township should look like and feel like. The Rothschild Doyno Collaborative design team was selected to work with our community stakeholders and the public to determine how the Hartville/Lake area should continue to grow and evolve.

The first phase of the process is to gather big-picture input from the business and educational leaders as well as government representatives of Hartville and Lake Township to establish a shared vision for the two (2) miles along the West Maple Corridor from the Kaufman Ave/SR 619 roundabout at the Hartville Hardware | Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market | Hartville Kitchen Business District to the Village of Hartville Historic Downtown District.

The next phase of the process is to gather input from the public using online surveys to gather insight and feedback on how people use the West Maple Corridor and what they would like to see as we envision it’s future. Their answers will give our team valuable information to guide the design.

Then we will host a Community Vision Workshop (done in-person and online with Zoom) to bring all stakeholders to the table to work intensively with the design team to reach consensus over the future evolution of the West Maple Corridor and downtown Hartville. There will be multiple opportunities to engage with the design team throughout this process, providing feedback online through this website and in-person.*

*We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect our ability to engage in person at this point, but we are hopeful that small group gatherings will be possible in the near future.

For those who have time and can engage right now with this process, we welcome your input. For those who cannot participate right now for whatever reason, we will work to find a way to connect with you at another time.